The Electronic Age

This work began as a celebration of the electric light bulb, one of the major technological achievements of the last one hundred years. It is an invention which symbolizes the advent of the electronic age, and plays a major role in the history of photography.

Pointing the camera directly at the bulbs (without additional lighting), I photographed the intersection of light waves created by the cool fluorescent and the warm tungsten bulbs.

Subsequently, however, the work evolved to include other objects from the technological environment as well, such as various metals and plastics, electronic components and other artifacts of this age. Eventually, these fragments replaced the light bulbs entirely.

Engaging the spirit in contemplation, they are ‘what-if’s’ in response to contemporary technological society. They are, perhaps, what Gaston Bachelard referred to as “cosmic reveries.” I present them as architectonic possibilities for an imagined universe.

Note: The photographs were made with a 4”x5” view camera and color negative film.